Content Gorilla Review

The phrase “Content is King” has applied to websites for years. While search engine ranking has evolved, the need for interesting, amazing and original content for your website or blog remains just as important today as it did back then. However, in today’s fast-paced world, there is little time to sit and create articles that will put your blog on the highest rank in Google.

That’s where Content Gorilla comes in.

Content Gorilla is a web-based content creator that turns YouTube videos into articles that you can use on your website or blog. You can then spin and edit the articles to make them your own, add images and publish it to your blog or website. The more original your article, the higher the rank your website will achieve in Google.

Content Gorilla is brand new, it was just recently released and I am fortunate enough to have gotten in on the “ground floor”. I have tried other content creation programs for my blog (the one you’re reading right now) and so far Content Gorilla is living up to my expectations.

I found the search feature easy to use, with the options to select any videos or “Creative Common”, which are open licensed videos, allowing for fine tuned searches. While searching for videos using the YouTube url is still being worked on (the website said it should be fixed by June 10th 2019), you can still search for videos via keyword.

I found that the longer the video, the longer the program takes to spin the article once it is created. I tried a video that created an article that was over 3,400 words. The content spinner feature took forever to spin the article. I then chose a shorter video, which created a shorter article, and the content spinner worked much quicker.

There are lots of other features that make Content Gorilla stand out.

  • The Article Rewriter allows you to rewrite the created articles yourself instead of just spinning them, allowing for greater creativity and originality.
  • The Bulk Post and Scheduler features lets you to schedule when you want posts to be created. This allows you to have articles posted to your website or blog on autopilot!
  • The Post Later feature lets you post created articles at a later time.

There are two main upsells when you purchase Content Gorilla as well as a slew of bonuses…too many to name here though.

  • The Pro version upgrade adds the ability to combine different videos into one large article. This is great for newsletter content as you can take several short videos, which would create short articles individually, and make one long article from all of them.
  • The Agency License offer gives you the ability to utilize Content Gorilla as part of your business, allowing you to create articles for clients.

All in all, for just using it one time, I am very happy with Content Gorilla. I can’t wait to see what I can do with it next!